Scripting Peace

My relationship to peace and “visualising peace” has changed dramatically since I began participating in the Visualising Peace project. When I began work with the project, it was with a tenuous grasp of global politics and an intense affection for the novels of Kurt Vonnegut. Now, a little over a year later, I’ve found my niche in defining “visualising peace” as an analytical study of war narratives, both literary and cinematic, and searching for the much more elusive “peace narrative.” I continue to learn more about the peacebuilding process and its many facets both from my own findings and the research I see my peers take part in. I used that research to create three short films, entitled Hyacinths, No Love Lost, and A Peaceful Image, which I hope will shed light on the process of peacebuilding, its internal and external dimensions, and the ways in which peacebuilding complicates events in our lives both ordinary and extraordinary. 
Arden Henley, Visualising Peace student

Arden is an undergraduate at the University and has been a member of the Visualising Peace team since Spring 2022.  Her research focuses on storytelling, fictional narratives, and peacebuilding.  

This semester, she created three short films. Two of these are fictional stories about both internal and political peace.  She has written about the process of writing these films (Hyacinths and No Love Lost)  in our museum of peace. Additionally, she has produced one documentary film entitled A Peaceful Image. The films themselves can be found below. 

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