The Visualising War and Peace podcast includes a range of episodes that encourages us to reflect on different manifestations of peace and different approaches to peace-building. We encourage you to explore the whole series, and particularly the following highlights:

Peace and Conflict in Space: In this episode, two students – Harris Siderfin and Otilia Meden – talk to experts on space security from academia and the RAF (Space Command). They discuss why and how security in outer space is important for people living on earth. They reflect on the development and implementation of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, and the spirit of international collaboration that underpins it. They also look at increasing activity in space by private corporations as well as nation-states, at the increasing militarisation of space, at the potential for growing conflict in space, and at the consequences of that for ordinary lives. Among other questions, they ask: How does peace in space help maintain peace on earth? And how can peace in space be promoted, improved and maintained?

Generation Peace: the power of storytelling in peace education: In this episode, student Harris Siderfin explores the role that youth-focused storytelling can play in reducing conflict and promoting the building blocks of a peaceful society. His guest is Rob Burnet, founder and CEO of Shujaaz Inc, a multimedia youth platform based in Kenya that aims to help improve the lives and livelihoods of young people across East Africa. Among other activities, Shujaaz Inc distributes a free monthly comic, produces radio programmes, creates TV shows, and runs social media accounts based on the popular characters featured in its comics – using Sheng, a contemporary slang favoured by many young people in Kenya. Addressing issues such as gender inequality, reproductive health, local government, human rights, fake news, and political violence, Shujaaz reaches over 9.1 million 15–24-year-olds across East Africa, connecting them with information, skills, and resources they need to take charge of their lives.