About Us

‘Visualising Peace’ is a Vertically Integrated Project directed by Dr Alice König. Twenty undergraduate students, based in a range of Schools at the University of St Andrews, have worked together to expand the scope of the Visualising War project, investigating conceptualizations of peace across different academic disciplines and broader domains of human activity. Our aim is to research, challenge and stretch habits of imagining, understanding, representing and working towards peace.  

Student team

We are all based at the University of St Andrews, studying for different degrees in different years. In no particular order, we are:

Elena Balsera, International Relations and Modern History (2022)

Grace Bitner, International Relations (2022) 

Federica Consiglio, Comparative Literature and International Relations (2022) 

Lia Da Giau, Sustainable Development (2022) 

Margaux de Seze, International Relations and Social Anthropology (2022)

Kara Devlin, English and Medieval History (2022)

Zoe Du Bois, Classics and Film Studies (2022)

Marios Diakourtis, English (2022)

Thomas Frost, English (2022)

Arden Henley, English (2022)

Shengyuan Ji, International Relations and Social Anthropology (2022)

Mathias Katsuya, Arabic and International Relations (2022)

Maddie McCall, International Relations (2022)

Otilia Meden, International Relations (2022) 

Claire Percival, Modern History and Social Anthropology (2022)

Harris Siderfin, International Relations and Psychology (2022) 

Eleni Spiliotes, Art History (2022)

Pia Tiwari, International Relations and Social Anthropology (2022) 

Joe Walker, International Relations (2022)

PG Mentor

Jenny Oberholtzer (2022)